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Abortion Service in Boston

When women are looking for a solution to an accidental pregnancy, they use our abortion services to correct things. Our physicians will take care of you and ensure that everything is performed with your health in mind.

Anesthesia Options for an Aspiration Abortion

The aspiration abortion in Boston is the most common type of in-clinic abortion. It’s safe, effective and used during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy. The procedure is typically completed within fifteen minutes. The procedure uses suction ...

Abortion Aftercare

If you recently had an abortion there are steps you can take to ensure you remain healthy and infection free. Knowing what to expect can be helpful. At the Boston Abortion Clinic your information is discreet and confidential, you can trust us to help ...

What to Look for in an OBGYN

When it comes to finding an OBGYN, (obstetrics and gynecology) doctor, you should never settle for the first one that comes along. Do some research, talk to other people, look at reviews and find the doctor that is perfect for you and your situation. ...

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Medical vs. Surgical Abortion Service Options

Choices with Abortion Services in Boston Proper medical comes from patients knowing their choices. At Abortion Services in Boston we pride ourselves in providing superior care with gynecology in Boston including abortion service options when needed. ...

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Proper Medical Follow-up After Abortion Services

Important Issues with Women’s Medical Health Despite all the many steps forward in the rights of women and the freedom of women to seek the proper medical care they choose and deserve, women will still tend to stop short of getting the full me ...

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Medical Reasons for Abortion

Medical reasons for abortion are difficult personal choices for pregnant women. Reasons can range from choosing abortion to end risks of severe injury or death to a woman if the pregnancy is carried to full-term or to prevent the birth of a child tha ...

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Pre-Abortion and Post-Abortion Care

The Boston Abortion Clinic wants you to fully understand what to expect prior to your abortion and following your abortion. Your health and wellbeing is important to us! The following information should be used as general guidelines. Please read it o ...

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Reversible Birth Control Choices for the Long Term

Women seeking long term reversible birth control options will be surprised at the large quantity of options they find. Most women searching for long term reversible options want the ability to be able to conceive at a later time, after the reversible ...

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Is Mirena a Good Contraception Choice?

If you are searching for a reliable contraception device, the Mirena intrauterine device (IUD) is a popular choice. Once it’s inserted into the uterus it provides birth control for up to five years. The device is a T-shaped, flexible, plastic d ...

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Female Sexual Problems

When sexual problems occur, what goes on behind closed doors can sometimes begin to cause multiple issues in a person’s life. The best course of action is to see your doctor right away. Don’t be embarrassed, doctors are trained to deal wi ...

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Abortion Service for Residents of Lawrence

When it comes to residents of Lawrence, women are our number one priority. We specialize in women’s healthcare. Completely confidential, we are here to serve you and all of your reproductive healthcare needs. Abortions  Once a pregnancy ...

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Abortion Services for Springfield Residents

It’s not uncommon for patients to call us when they are feeling very confused and alone with circumstances that have arose in their lives. We want you to know that we have abortion services for Springfield residents and we want you to know that ...

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Health Insurance Coverage Options for Abortions

Abortions can be a pricey procedure to undergo, making it imperative to have health insurance coverage from companies that offer plans that cover abortions. There are a variety of health insurance providers on the market that offer to pay for some or ...

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We Offer Discreet Abortion Services

Are you worried about concealing your pregnancy? If you’re looking for discreet abortion services, then you should contact our Boston clinic. We have physicians on staff that can assist you up until your second trimester. Having an abortion ca ...

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Receive Abortion Care in a Private Office

Having an abortion can be a scary experience, but it doesn't have to be. At our private abortion clinic, you can receive the assistance you need to make the decision to abort your pregnancy. This can be  a tough decision to make, especially when ...

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Second Trimester

The second trimester of pregnancy is between 14 weeks and 27 weeks of gestational age. At this time, some women feel that it is too late to change their mind to have an abortion. However, this is untrue. Second trimester abortions are available, and ...

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Privacy and Confidentiality

In our private abortion clinic in Boston, your medical records and personal information are just that-yours. Laws are in place to protect your privacy, and no one can gain access to your medical records without your consent. They are confidenti ...

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Abortion Solutions for Underage Women

Dealing with pregnancy at an early age can be difficult, and when it comes to gaining the trust of parents and confiding in them about such personal matters, many complications can arise. If you are under the age of 18 and want an abortion, this is ...

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Reasons For Abortion

Though never an easy decision, there are many reasons as to why women decide to have an abortion. For some women the pregnancy they are faced with is not one they choose. Women that become pregnant as a result of being raped, incest, or sexual assaul ...

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Post Abortion Care

Normal Recovery After your abortion it is normal to experience: Cramping due to uterine contractions or due to passing blood clots * Emotional changes/mood swings Spotting and/or bleeding that is continuous but not routine Black, brown, or red ...

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Aspiration Methods For Abortion

Removing the contents in a uterus can be done several ways. The majority of the methods use an aspiration technique, meaning they draw out the contents through the cervix with a sucking or suction motion. The reasons for using aspiration vary: induc ...

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Abortions - First Trimester

The first step in determining which type of abortion is right for a first trimester pregnancy includes a sonogram or determining how many weeks pregnant the patient is. Once a medical professional determines the gestation period a medical abortion or ...

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