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Breast Exam

by on November 14, 2013 in Gynecological Care
Breast Exam

Women are advised to perform a self-breast exam at home every month, and sometimes will detect a lump in their breast. 

A breast examination is one of the most important diagnostic procedures for women of all ages. Once a young lady reaches puberty and begins to experience menstruation, she will also begin to undergo changes in her breast. Sometimes a woman will experience breast pain as a symptom of her menstrual cycle, and sometimes this pain can be indicative of a more serious illness such as breast cancer. A professional breast exam by a licensed gynecologist can help you determine whether your tenderness or discomfort is something that needs to be looked at more closely.

This is not necessarily a sign of breast cancer, but should not be ignored. Make an appointment for a breast exam and talk to your doctor whenever you have a painful breast lump. You may have a breast cyst that is causing you tenderness, or it may be related to hormonal changes that although can be uncomfortable, are completely benign.

Your gynecologist will perform a professional exam, and may advise that you have a mammogram as well.

This breast x-ray will reveal any anomalies in the breast tissue and will help determine the nature of any cysts or lumps in the breast. Your highest potential for successful treatment of breast cancer or any other condition of the breast comes from early detection.

A breast exam is an important tool that can help save your life.

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