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How to Enhance Family Planning with Contraception

by on January 9, 2014 in Family Planning
How to Enhance Family Planning with Contraception

Every man and woman should have control over when the extension of their family begins. In today's time, family planning is a lot easier, thanks to various types of contraception methods. The options available offer permanent and temporary solutions for preventing pregnancy. Some you may have heard of and others may not be as popular. Read on to learn about the different forms of contraception that can be used by women. 

Condoms for Women

Condoms aren’t only worn by men – there is such a thing as a female condom. Before having intercourse, the woman places the condom inside of her vagina. It acts like a barrier, collecting semen and preventing it from entering the woman. 

Spermicidal Birth Control 

A similar device is called a diaphragm or cervical cap. This is a flexible rubber cup that is spermicidal, which means it kills semen. This too is placed inside of the vagina, over the cervix, before having intercourse. There are different sizes available. 
Vaginal sponges are also spermicidal and can be used to prevent pregnancy. Before placement inside of the vagina, it is first moistened then placed over the cervix. It is made of a soft synthetic sponge. 

Hormonal Birth Control 

In order to get pregnant, certain hormones have to be present within the body. With the use of hormonal birth control, the body’s hormones are altered to prevent pregnancy from occurring. A lot of women use birth control pills, which requires a daily dose. This uses estrogen and progestin to stop ovulation from taking place. There are also mini-pills available, which refer to birth control pills with only progestin, which causes mucus to form, preventing sperm from getting to the cervix. 
Birth control shots like Depo-Provera also prevent ovulation, but are administered every three months. Some women find this to be more convenient. This prevents menstruation from occurring. 
Others include:

  • Nuvaring – a ring that is inserted into the vagina for three weeks at a time, then removed right before and during menstruation. It helps to regulate periods. It contains estrogen and progestin. It can be used at home without the aid of a doctor.
  • Ortho Evra – this is a skin patch that can be placed on any area of the body. It releases estrogen and progestin into the body. 
  • Morning after pill – this is an emergency contraception option that is used right after intercourse (usually within 24-48 hours). 
  • IUD – this is an intra-uterine device, which is placed inside of the woman’s uterus for between five and ten years. This blocks sperm from entering, because of its T-shape and also releases hormones to prevent pregnancy.

Non-Hormonal Birth Control

The copper IUD is a non-hormonal form of birth control, which is inserted inside of the uterus, blocking sperm from entering, because of its T-shape. The copper also acts as a sperm killer. It can be left inside of a woman for up to ten years and can be removed at any time. 

There are many different forms of contraception that women can use for enhanced family planning. It all comes down to what works best for you.  

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