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Abortion by the Pills in Boston - Everything You Need to Know

Abortion by the Pills in Boston - Everything You Need to Know

The abortion pill, also called medical abortion, is a medication that aids in safe pregnancy termination by the pills. It involves taking two types of pills. The first medicine, known as mifepristone, works to block progesterone. This will make the uterine lining to break down and detach from the embryo.
The other medicine, Misoprostol, causes the womb to contract and empty the uterus, just like a miscarriage. It is swallowed a day after taking mifepristone. Some states require that the medication be taken in the presence of a professional.

What to Expect After Taking The Abortion Pill 

First off, you have to get an ultrasound from your abortion clinic in Boston to find out just how far along your pregnancy is. Then you will be given the pills with instructions.
After taking the Misoprostol, the second regimen, you will experience intense cramping and heavy bleeding. You may also experience side effects such as dizziness, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, light lactation, or mild fever. Doctors can prescribe medication for pain and nausea.

Your bleeding will make you feel like you are having a heavy menstrual period. Some bodily tissue and blood clots will pass too. 

When undergoing medication abortion in Boston, it is advisable to use overnight pads (maxi pads) that will be able to absorb all the blood tissue expelled from the body. 

After four to five hours, the bleeding will begin to subside, but cramping may go on for a day or two. Bleeding and spotting can take longer (up to two or three weeks) whereafter you can get examined to make sure the procedure was successful, and you are in good health. 

Is the Abortion Pill Safe and Effective?

According to organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, abortion by the pills is safe for terminating pregnancies in their first trimester. The statistics show that 98% effective for 8-week old pregnancies and 93% effective for 10-week old pregnancies.

However, its effectiveness may be affected by factors like the age of pregnancy, dosage, and administration of the pill, and whether the patient has conceived before. The success of the abortion depends on how early the pregnancy is. Consult with your abortion clinic in Boston to determine the right pills for you.

Is the Abortion Pill Recommended for a 4-Week Pregnancy?

Abortion by the pills can terminate pregnancies of up to 10 weeks after the last menstrual period. It can be taken within 70 days or more than two months after the start of your last period. If your pregnancy is over ten weeks and wants to terminate your pregnancy, consult with abortion services in Boston for advice and recommendations.

Can I Terminate My Pregnancy Privately On My Own?

The National Women’s Health Network strongly supports the rights of those who want to self-manage their abortion. They can acquire the FDA-approved abortion pills and take them from the privacy of their homes. 

However, this will depend on the state you reside in since different States have regulations regarding medication abortion that keep changing over time. But the good news is that most clinics provide the abortion pill, and your OB/GYN or regular health clinic can allow you to have them. 

For more resources on licensed providers of abortion in Boston, the National Abortion Federation has all the details. AbortionPillInfo.org also provides information and guidelines on how to access and use the abortion pill privately while in the U.S. 


Pregnancy termination by the pills does not need a procedure in a clinic. You can take the medication at home or any other place that you are comfortable with. Since the abortion pill mimics a miscarriage, most people consider it non-invasive and natural.
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