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Abortion Service for Residents of Lawrence

Abortion Service for Residents of Lawrence

When it comes to residents of Lawrence, women are our number one priority. We specialize in women’s healthcare. Completely confidential, we are here to serve you and all of your reproductive healthcare needs.


Once a pregnancy test is administered and the gestation period determined, the doctor can then discuss options for abortions. Your abortion service for residents of Lawrence offers; first trimester, second trimester and surgical abortions. Your medical history, current health and other factors will assist in helping the doctor deliver the best options for your situation. We also offer the Morning After Pill and RU486 which are drugs used to prevent or eliminate pregnancies. If you are looking for an abortion in Lawrence, we are here to discuss options with you. 

Birth Control Options 

Once upon a time ‘the pill’ was the only known contraceptive for women to take to prevent pregnancy. Today there are many options for birth control methods; shots, condoms (both male and female), vaginal rings, diaphragms or cervical caps, birth control patches and many varieties of pills. Finding what works best with your lifestyle is the key to finding a product that will work best for you. After a medical evaluation, our gynecologist for residents of Lawrence can assist in finding what’s right for you. 


If Mother Nature is knocking on your door and delivering hot-flashes, mood swings and loss of memory, then menopause could be the problem. But don’t worry there are many methods for making the symptoms bearable; oral contraceptives, prescriptions, over-the-counter medicine and menopausal hormone therapy. No one should ‘suffer through’ menopause. If you are having issues, call your doctor today. 

Sexual Problems 

Sometimes sexual problems can lead to further problems if not addressed. It’s best to address the issues right way. And don’t be shy, our doctor in gynecology is trained to exam, diagnose and treat these types of issues. What happens here, stays here! Everything is 100% confidential so you can speak freely. From sexually transmitted diseases to loss of sexual desire, we can help find solutions for your issues. 

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Your abortion service for residents of Lawrence offers everything a women needs for optimal women’s healthcare. Always completely confidential, we offer the services women want with the confidentiality women deserve. 

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