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Abortion Services for Springfield Residents

Abortion Services for Springfield Residents

It’s not uncommon for patients to call us when they are feeling very confused and alone with circumstances that have arose in their lives. We want you to know that we have abortion services for Springfield residents and we want you to know that you’re not alone. If it’s advice you’re seeking regarding a medical condition or questions regarding abortion, we will help you every step of the way. We don’t judge and we won’t try to influence your decision, we are simply here to explain, listen and help. Your visit is always completely confidential. 

Services We Offer;

Birth Control
Many people think of ‘the pill’ when they think about birth control. The truth is, there are many other options available. In today’s world birth control is designed to work around a woman’s lifestyle. Some products are injected every three months while IUD’s can provide birth control for years. There are also birth control patches, vaginal rings, female condoms, male condoms and tubal ligation if you absolutely don’t want further children. And then there is ‘the pill’ and many versions to choose from. 

From annual exams to pregnancy tests, our gynecologist for Springfield residents is personable and prepared to give you a comprehensive exam to ensure you are free of cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and any issues that would affect your health and well-being. 

Sexual Problems
Adults of all ages have issues in the bedroom from time to time. Our compassionate staff can help you work through sexual problems by first ensuring there are no medical problems causing your issues. We can offer solutions to get you feeling better again. 

Abortion Services
It’s a woman’s right to choose and we have a gynecologist for Springfield residents. We offer the confidential services that women deserve. After testing for the gestation period we will determine the correct type of abortion for you. A first trimester abortion would be completed during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. A second trimester abortion would be completed during the thirteenth through twenty-sixth weeks. We can also perform later abortions. All abortions are not surgical abortions. We have drugs such as RU-486 and Methotrexate that can eliminate pregnancies without surgery. 

We have abortion services for Springfield residents. We have the services women need, the discrete confidentiality that women deserve and a staff of friendly doctors that women want.

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