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Abortion Solutions for Underage Women

Abortion Solutions for Underage Women

Dealing with pregnancy at an early age can be difficult, and when it comes to gaining the trust of parents and confiding in them about such personal matters, many complications can arise.

If you are under the age of 18 and want an abortion, this is a problem you may be considering.

At our private Boston abortion clinic specializes in assisting women of all ages in dealing with these reproductive concerns.

Underage women are restricted in their decision to have a doctor perform an abortion due to the limitations imposed by Massachusetts state law. Pregnant women under 18 years of age are required to have parents’ or legal guardians’ permission to have an abortion performed. The decision behind this law was based on the level of maturity women of such an age possess when it comes to decisions like this.

However no home life is ideal. 

Some can be worse than others, and there are many young women who are certainly mature enough to make such a decision for themselves. To accommodate extenuating circumstances and the many young women who fall outside of this law’s primary concerns, the law also lists alternative routes for pregnant underage women to gain legal permission for an abortion. 

If an alternative to parental involvement is required, referrals for legal service to obtain permission for an abortion are available.
For more information, contact Dr. Boris Orkin or one of his staff to schedule a private consultation. He will go over the specific details and avenues available in your situation.

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