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Aspiration Methods For Abortion

Aspiration Methods For Abortion

Removing the contents in a uterus can be done several ways.

The majority of the methods use an aspiration technique, meaning they draw out the contents through the cervix with a sucking or suction motion. The reasons for using aspiration vary: induced abortion, obtaining biopsy samples or a procedure done after a miscarriage occurs. The infection rate for an aspiration based procedure is lower than other surgical abortion methods.

Most aspiration procedures are used at around five to twelve weeks, during the first trimester of pregnancy. With the manual vacuum technique, a syringe is used for suction. This method is not widely available. With the machine vacuum procedure, a hollow tube called a cannula is attached to a pump and a bottle on one end, the other end is placed in the uterus where the uterus is softly cleaned of tissue once the pump is turned on.

Both methods take fifteen minutes or less to complete.

Serious complications are rare with the aspiration procedures if they are done during the first trimester and performed by medical professionals. A woman’s ability to reproduce in the future is not affected by having an abortion via one of the aspiration methods.

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