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Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Life is full of unplanned situations. Some good and some not so good. A new job, or raise would be a high while a car accident or illness might be a low. Depending on where you are in life versus where you want to be, an unplanned pregnancy could be a high or a low. Maybe you don’t know the person you had sex with or maybe you do know the person but are not ready or committed enough to have a child with that person. You have many options but ultimately, the decision is yours alone to make. It’s your body and only you can decide what is best for you. At The Boston Abortion Clinic, we are dedicated to our patients and we understand the highs and lows that go with unplanned pregnancies. 

Don’t Panic

Just because you did an at-home pregnancy test and it came out positive does not mean you should panic. An ectopic pregnancy will show up on a pregnancy test even though the fetus is not located in the uterus where it should be. Ectopic pregnancies can be dangerous, and they will not be a viable pregnancy. Some pregnancies will also result in miscarriages. Having an ultrasound is the best way to determine if your pregnancy is viable and how far along you are. Let The Boston Abortion Clinic assist with planning your ultrasound. Don’t make any decisions until the ultrasound is complete. 

Talk to Someone

Making a decision that could change the rest of your life might be stressful. Confide in a good friend or talk to the staff at The Boston Abortion Clinic. We understand the mix of emotions that you are feeling. Our conversations are 100% confidential and our staff is kind and understanding. Our mission is to give you the facts, so you can make an educated decision. 


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