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Health Insurance Coverage Options for Abortions

Health Insurance Coverage Options for Abortions

Abortions can be a pricey procedure to undergo, making it imperative to have health insurance coverage from companies that offer plans that cover abortions. There are a variety of health insurance providers on the market that offer to pay for some or all of the fees for abortions. Once you obtain the insurance plan you desire, you can visit a Boston abortion clinic that provides reproductive health care services for women. Medicaid only offers abortion coverage if it is a life endangering situation for the expectant mother. This is why it’s important to obtain private insurance instead. Let’s take a look into some of the available health insurance company options. 

Aetna Health Insurance for Abortions

Aetna is one of America’s largest health insurance providers and has grown in popularity for women in Boston who are looking to receive an abortion. In 2007, the insurance company was gaining recognition for one of its little known policies for abortion, which offers to pay for abortion services at any time during a pregnancy and for any reason. So whether you are six weeks or six months pregnant, Aetna will provide coverage without any restrictions. 

BlueCross BlueShield Coverage for Abortions

Another leading insurance provider is BlueCross BlueShield. Some of their health insurance plans do cover abortions, so it’s important to read the fine print as you’re shopping around. It’s a good idea to speak with a BlueCross BlueShield agent to request coverage that provides benefits for abortions. 

Fallon Community Abortion Coverage

Women who are looking to have an abortion performed can also try obtaining coverage from Fallon Community, which provides benefits for this procedure. There are different plans available. According to their policy, there is no requirement for authorization for some or all abortion services and no primary care provider referral needed for abortion services. 

Other health insurance plans we accept include those from:

A lot of health insurance companies have specific regulations surrounding elective abortions. Some will only offer coverage if the abortion is needed for medical purposes. It’s important to shop around to ensure that this is in your benefits if this is coverage you want to have. Once you have acquired insurance and would like to have an abortion performed, give our abortion clinic in Boston a call to schedule an appointment. We look forward to answering any and all of your questions. Call today! 


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