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Is Mirena a Good Contraception Choice?

Is Mirena a Good Contraception Choice?

If you are searching for a reliable contraception device, the Mirena intrauterine device (IUD) is a popular choice. Once it’s inserted into the uterus it provides birth control for up to five years. The device is a T-shaped, flexible, plastic device that releases a type of progestin. It thickens the cervical mucus which prevents sperm from fertilizing an egg. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Mirena is 99% effective. If you are interested in Mirena, check with a Gynecologist in Boston or find women services in Boston. 

FDA-Approved to Treat Heavy Periods

Women that have heavy periods can also benefit from having a Mirena IUD. Women who suffer from heavy bleeding can experience a 90% reduction in bleeding in only six months. Some women also stop having periods altogether. Mirena is the only intrauterine birth control that is FDA-approved to treat heavy periods in women. Women who do not have heavy periods may also experience a decrease in bleeding up to and including periods stopping. 

No Surgery Needed

Surgery is not necessary when you get a Mirena IUD. The device is implanted during a regular office visit and it only takes a few minutes. All women are different and experience different symptoms after placement but the majority of women experience mild discomfort and the symptoms don’t last long. In four to six weeks following the insertion a follow-up appointment is necessary to ensure the device is still implanted properly and that there are no problems. 

Why Choose Mirena? 

Mirena is a good contraception choice because it’s highly effective, convenient, reversible and estrogen-free. It’s also approved by the FDA to treat heavy periods, it’s recommended for women who have had children and it can’t be seen or felt.

To see if Mirena is right for you, check with your health care provider or call abortion services in Boston for more information. 


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