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Medical Abortion and Abortion Pill Q & A

Medical Abortion and Abortion Pill Q & A

At the Boston Abortion Clinic, we understand that you have questions about abortions. Following are a few popular questions. If you have additional questions that are not answered, please feel free to call us. We have abortion services in Boston as well as gynecologists in Boston to serve all your female needs. 

Is it safe to have an abortion? 

It’s safer to have an abortion than to give birth. Very few women experience complications after an abortion. If you are seeking an abortion in Boston, call us at the Boston Abortion Clinic. 

Will an abortion affect by chances at getting pregnant in the future? 

Having an abortion will not affect your chances of getting pregnant in the future. Unless, in rare situations, serious pelvic infections cause damage to the fallopian tubes. This can increase the risk of fertility problems. The risk is decreased by seeking treatment. There are risks with any medical procedure, but overall future pregnancies are not typically affected by having an abortion. 

Does an abortion Increase the risk of breast cancer? 

The answer is no. The National Cancer Institute and other experts have concluded following research that there is no increased breast cancer  risk following an abortion. 

What types of abortion are there? 

There are two types of abortion; medical and surgical. The abortion that is right for you depends on how far along you are and your medical condition. A doctor at an abortion clinic can make the proper recommendations. 

What is the first step in getting an abortion?

Contact a licensed physician that specializes in women’s care like a doctor that is experienced with abortions. After asking some questions and a medical evaluation the doctor will advise the best options for your specific situation. 

Who can I call? 

Contact the Boston Abortion Clinic and let us provide answers to your questions. We believe in confidentially and can provide abortion services. 


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