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Medical vs. Surgical Abortion Service Options

Medical vs. Surgical Abortion Service Options

Choices with Abortion Services in Boston

Proper medical comes from patients knowing their choices. At Abortion Services in Boston we pride ourselves in providing superior care with gynecology in Boston including abortion service options when needed. We also pride ourselves in providing timely and accurate information to our patients and the community whether they are dealing with gynecology in Boston, assistance with unplanned pregnancy in our Boston abortion clinic, or are seeking details about the range of birth control options available. Abortion Services in Boston is here to partner with you in your ongoing health care.

You have safe and reliable options to choose from ...

Both medical and surgical abortion services have continued to advance with other improvements in medical care. Both the medical and surgical options we provide at Abortion Services in Boston are safe, reliable and effective. We will go over all the possible side effects and medical considerations with each patient, but the choice is yours and they are safe options.

The choice comes down to which best serves your needs ...

Surgical abortion services are handled in clinic by trained, professional staff. You are under medical supervision during the entire procedure. Recovery time is minimal and it is typically a completely outpatient procedure. With either option, there will be follow-up appointments to be sure recovery is going properly and that there are no complications. All surgeries hold some level of risk, but this risk is minimal. Surgical abortion options are more evasive, but not much more so than a typical gynecological exam.

The medical options involve medication that is typically taken orally or placed just within the cheek. Some options require separate doses of a combination of drugs. This can all be explained in detail upon your visit. Medical abortion options are less evasive. Medical supervision and follow-up are required. Again, medical risk is minimal with the doses required. 

Both options are effective in dealing with unplanned pregnancy and addressing the health needs of patients. The choice comes down to which best serves your lifestyle.

Make an appointment with Abortion Services in Boston to receive more specific and individualized information on all your option. We are here to partner with you in your health care needs.

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