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Reversible Birth Control Choices for the Long Term

Reversible Birth Control Choices for the Long Term

Women seeking long term reversible birth control options will be surprised at the large quantity of options they find. Most women searching for long term reversible options want the ability to be able to conceive at a later time, after the reversible method is stopped. 

It is essential that a women involve a doctor when making any birth control choice to ensure the method will be effective and suitable for each situation and future plans. Women without a doctor should find a doctor in gynecology in Boston or contact abortion services in Boston for more information. 

Reversible methods include;


Intrauterine Devices or IUD’s are small, plastic, T-shaped devices that a doctor inserts into a uterus. These devices prevent pregnancy as they contain progesterone. Depending on the type of IUD used, these devices can remain in place and effective for five to ten years. 

Hormonal Methods

Some women prefer using hormonal methods for birth control. These methods work by releasing female hormones in quantities that will prevent ovulation and they will cause the mucus inside the cervix to become thick. The sperm become trapped in the mucus and unable to swim through the cervical canal. Implants, the pill, injections, oral contraceptives, the patch and vaginal ring are all available options in this category. 

Barrier Methods

Barrier methods work by providing a physical battier between the penis and the cervix. This ensures the sperm does not fertilize an egg. Male condoms, female condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps and contraceptive sponges are available birth control options for the barrier method. 


Figuring out the days of the month that you are fertile and those days when you are not is basically how the fertility-awareness plan works. Avoid sex on the days you are fertile and use a barrier method when having sex on days when you are fertile. 


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