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What Is Medical Abortion and How Does It Work?

What Is Medical Abortion and How Does It Work?

Medical abortions are completed to terminate a pregnancy during the first trimester. These are two types of abortions that are considered medical abortions. A doctor determines which abortion is best for a patient depending on their medical history. A sonogram is completed to determine pregnancy dating and to ensure the pregnancy is viable and not ectopic. 


This type of medical abortion is used for the first seven weeks of pregnancy. Methotrexate is injected or given orally during an office visit. Antibiotics are also given to prevent infection. This procedure will trigger contractions and will eventually expel the fetus. The duration can be a few hours or a few days. A follow up appointment one week later will ensure that the abortion process is complete and to check for any complications or issues. 

Mifepristone and Misoprostol 

This type of medical abortion procedure is used during the first seven to nine weeks of pregnancy. It is also known as RU-486 or the abortion pill. After a physical exam, sonogram and review of medical history a doctor will determine if the patient is eligible for the procedure. Patients with IUD’s, ovarian masses, anemia, adrenal failure, bleeding disorders and others are not eligible. 

During an office visit Misoprostol tablets are taken orally or inserted into the vagina between thirty-six and seventy-two hours after taking Mifepristone. This drug blocks the progesterone from attaching to the uterine lining, causing it to break down, thus ending the ability for the pregnancy to be viable. The drug will cause contractions and will eventually expel the fetus. This process can take hours or days. A follow-up appointment one to two weeks following the procedure will ensure the abortion is complete and that there are no complications. 

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