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What to Look for in an OBGYN

What to Look for in an OBGYN

When it comes to finding an OBGYN, (obstetrics and gynecology) doctor, you should never settle for the first one that comes along. Do some research, talk to other people, look at reviews and find the doctor that is perfect for you and your situation. Seeing an OBGYN is a very private, personal thing. They will be the person that you talk to about sex, getting pregnant and below-the-belt problems. Never settle for someone you are not comfortable with. 

What Do You Need?

Are you looking for a doctor that can provide routine screenings like breast exams and Pap tests? Or do you need someone that can address your inability to get pregnant? Think about what you need and find a doctor that can help you. If you are pregnant or are hoping to be, forming a relationship early on with your OBGYN doctor can be beneficial. After all, they will be delivering your baby. 

Male or Female?

Some women prefer a certain sex for an OBGYN doctor. There is nothing wrong with this. If you prefer a female over a male doctor then that’s a good starting point. You need someone who you will feel comfortable talking to about subject matter that may be uncomfortable. Find a doctor that is kind and compassionate. You don’t want a doctor who hurries to get your appointment completed and you don’t want a doctor that is judgmental.  

At The Boston Abortion Clinic, we can provide a list of OBGYN doctors so you can start your search for the perfect doctor today! 


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