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Why Should I Get an Ultrasound Prior to Getting an Abortion?

Why Should I Get an Ultrasound Prior to Getting an Abortion?

If you have an unplanned pregnancy, making the decision to have an abortion is a personal choice. Once you’ve made that decision you may be wondering what the reason for an ultrasound prior to the abortion is and why they are required in some situations. At The Boston Abortion Clinic, we want you to know all of the facts. If your pregnancy is not viable or if there is no heartbeat, there is no need for an abortion. 

An Ectopic Pregnancy

Some pregnancies are not viable and even if a pregnancy test shows you are pregnant, you may not carry the baby to term. Pregnancy tests also do not tell you if you have an ectopic pregnancy. This type of pregnancy can be deadly if not detected. An ectopic pregnancy means the fetus is growing in the fallopian tubes and not in the uterus. If you have an abortion while pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy, the abortion will not affect the fetus and it will continue to grow. Many pregnancies end in miscarriage. The reason for the ultrasound is to determine if it is likely you will carry the baby to full term or if you are likely to have a miscarriage. It also determines if you have an ectopic pregnancy

The Safest Options for Your Situation

There are various methods for abortions but to choose the safest option, it is required that a doctor knows how far along your pregnancy is. An ultrasound can deliver accurate information and will allow your doctor to give you the best and safest options for your situation. The Boston Abortion Clinic is happy to answer any questions you have regarding ultra sounds, abortions or birth control options.

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