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15 FDA Approved Birth Control Methods

15 FDA Approved Birth Control Methods

Most women want to be in control of their lives, they want to plan for their futures and they want to do what is best for their bodies. Birth control plays a huge role in the lives of women the world over. There are many options and methods available but there isn’t one method that is perfect for everyone. That’s why it’s essential that a woman choose the method that is best for her. 

When exploring options women need to keep in mind that different products and procedures provide different results. Some are designed to be permanent while others are reversible. Some provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases while others do not. Some are effective for years, some for months and some have to be taken or used each day. Many choices mean each woman can choose the best product for her lifestyle. When birth control methods fail, contact abortion service in Boston for assistance. 

The following 15 birth control or family planning methods are approved by the FDA; 

Sterilization - This method is not recommended for women who wish to have children in the future. Sterilization for women can be achieved by having surgery or by having a sterilization implant inserted. 

Rods & IUD’s - These devices are inserted by a healthcare provider and are effective for three to ten years depending on the type chosen. 

Injections - This type of birth control is administered every three months by a healthcare provider. 

Pills - The Pill or Mini Pill must be taken orally each day to be effective. 

The Patch - This method is worn on the skin and is changed each week for three weeks. 

The Ring - A contraceptive ring is inserted into a woman’s vagina and worn for three weeks. 

Diaphragm/Sponge/Cervical Cap - These devises are inserted prior to sex and removed after. 

Male/Female Condoms - These methods must be used prior to sex. They also protect against AIDS and STD’s. 

Plan B/Plan B One Step/Next Choice & Ella - These birth control methods are used when a primary birth control method fails. These pills are taken 3 to 5 days following unprotected sex to eliminate an unplanned pregnancy. Contact your nearest Boston abortion center for more information. 

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