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Birth Control Options

Birth Control Options

Let's talk about Birth Control Options

At The Boston Abortion Clinic  we provide birth control counseling and prescriptions. From condoms to IUD’s or sponges, diaphragms shots or pills we can assist in all of your birth control needs. Counseling is personal and our goal is to work with you on a method that will work with your lifestyle. Our professional staff specializes in family planning and we can assist with all of your reproductive care needs.

Many times if you don’t plan, parenthood may become a reality that you aren’t ready for. An unplanned pregnancy can be confusing, devastating or a mix of emotions. At our abortion clinic our gynecologists begin with pregnancy testing and will determine how far into the pregnancy you are. From there we will discuss all of your options including abortion options and abortion costs. If you decide you want an abortion, our gynecologists can perform medical abortions, surgical abortions and late term abortions.

If you are searching for a place to go for well-woman exams The Abortion Clinic in Boston has the equipment and technology to do: mammograms, pap smears, blood tests and microbiology specimens. We evaluate and treat a variety of menstrual issues such as heavy bleeding or irregular periods and we can explain how to stop your period. If you believe you are going into menopause we can evaluate, diagnose and treat that as well.

We also treat sexually transmitted diseases.

Your reproductive health is our main goal.
All appointments are confidential and your information will never be shared with anyone.
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