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Family Planning and Knowing Your Options

Family Planning and Knowing Your Options

How many children do you have? How many children do you want? Controlling the number of children in a family and the time-span in between births is family planning. It gives women the opportunity to plan for the future and to get OBGYN doctor’s onboard with their decisions. The doctors then have the opportunity to assist the women in any way possible to ensure the women are healthy and ready for their next child or if they don’t want children birth control options are discussed.

What Services Should I Look for?

Find a Family Planning Clinic or a doctor that specializes in family planning to ensure all your needs are met. Most providers offer a wide range of services including;

Don’t Risk Having Complications

When a woman has too many children too close together, or is pregnant later in life, both the mother and baby are at risk for complications. That’s why it’s important that couples and women can decide how many children they would like to have and the time in between each child. Resources are necessary to make this happen and that’s where family planning comes in.

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