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Female Tubular Sterilization - What You Need to Know

Female Tubular Sterilization - What You Need to Know

Abortion Service in Boston wants to be here for all your needs regarding gynecology in Boston. This includes being there for accurate and useful information regarding all your medical options and specifically your birth control options.

One such option available to adult women who do not plan on having children in the future is Female Tubular Sterilization. This is a procedure to tie off, cut, or close the fallopian tubes to prevent eggs from traveling to where they combine with sperm. There are many things to consider with any medical decisions and Abortion Service in Boston is here to help with the decision making process.

Female Tubular Sterilization is a permanent solution for pregnancy prevention. Therefore, it is available specifically to adult women with no plans of having children in the future. For women that meet these criteria, it may represent their best option for avoiding unplanned pregnancy entirely.

Female Tubular Sterilization is minor surgery. As with any surgery there are risks, but those risks are generally low and complications are rare. It does involve the use of general anesthesia. There is a small incision. Cutting and electrical tools are used, but the risk to other organs during the procedure is minimal. Patients are typically released from recovery in two to four hours after surgery.

The only change to the patient's sex life is that the risk of pregnancy is eliminated. The enjoyment and experience of sex is not changed or diminished afterward. Cycles or periods should remain unchanged as a result of Female Tubular Sterilization. Women who have the procedure still need to consider disease prevention during sexual activity. While the risk of pregnancy is gone, factors of disease transmission from unprotected sex would be the same. These decisions about the use of a condom during sex and other prevention decisions should be discussed and made with any and all partners where appropriate.

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For more information about Female Tubular Sterilization or any other related issues, please contact us so that we can help you through your options.

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