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Receive Family Planning

Receive Family Planning

Want to be in control of your life?

One way to be is through proper family planning. An unplanned pregnancy can disrupt many areas of your life, especially when you are not yet stable. Whether you're a teenager, college student or in your 40s, an unplanned pregnancy can be devastating. When this occurs, there's a choice to be made – either to have the child or an abortion procedure. With effective family planning, you won't have to make this decision. This is why many women come to our Boston abortion clinic to receive counseling for their family planning needs. 

Finding Birth Control that's Right for You

There are many different forms of birth control, but the key is to find the one that best suits you. Some people may be too forgetful to take birth control pills, which makes them viable candidates for monthly birth control shots or an intra-uterine device (IUD). Likewise, someone who is afraid of needles and has great memory may want to opt for birth control pills instead. When you come to our family planning clinic in Boston, our doctors and nurses will help you to figure out which birth control option is perfect for you. 

Free Pregnancy Testing

If you are worried that you may already be pregnant, you can receive free and fast pregnancy tests from our Boston clinic. Our urine pregnancy tests are free to patients. Once you find out the results, you can then proceed to take the proper steps. Some women who find out they're pregnant decide to use our abortion services, and others who only had a scare opt for our family planning services to prevent future mistakes. 

Women should have the power to choose when they get pregnant, which is why we pride ourselves in offering family planning services that are effective.

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