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What Services Does A Family Planning Clinic Offer?

What Services Does A Family Planning Clinic Offer?

Family planning or contraception clinics are open access sexual health centers that can be used by any person – men or women – above or below 16 years of age. In other words, anyone can visit these centers on their own (on self-referral) or when referred by a health worker. Contrary to common belief, these clinics are not exclusively for the use of women; men too, can visit and avail of the services offered.
Normally, you can directly walk in any of these family planning clinics and wait for an appointment or book a time slot with a healthcare professional over phone.
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The Role Of Contraception Of Family Planning Clinics And Services Offered

Basically, the role of a sexual health center will deal with every aspect that pertaining sexual health of both men and women. This includes prevention, diagnosis, management and treatment of any type of sexually transmitted diseases, advice on every facet of sexual health and counseling whenever necessary.
Among the services you would receive from this type of health center are:

The family planning clinic would sometimes offer specialist or more advanced services such as:

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