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Avoiding and Treating Infection for Women

Avoiding and Treating Infection for Women

A lifestyle for good health

Abortion Services in Boston is a full service Boston abortion clinic dealing with all abortion services women need. We also deal with the full range of women’s health and reproductive issues and needs. We provide gynecological in Boston as well as helping our patients understand all their birth control options. One vital aspect of this commitment to women’s health for Abortion Services in Boston is helping women understand, avoid, and treat infection.

A number of causes, but all must be addressed

Sources of infection can vary widely for women. Many are nonspecific to women’s health and relate to universal precautions when dealing with individuals that are sick or treating and cleaning surfaces with which we come in contact. Other issues are women specific. Urinary tract and yeast infections often start as discomfort, but can progress to pain. If left untreated, they can progress to fever or even sepsis and more life threatening infection.

Sexual activity can open up the risk to infection. The use of protection such as a condom used during intercourse can reduce that risk greatly. Even outside of STDs, there can be sexual function issues related to infection from sex, secondary health issues, or minor injury. This is not to discourage sexual activity, but to encourage precautions and early treatment of infection issues.

Seek medical care

Minor or severe discomfort related to sexual function or infection should be treated right away for the best results. PCV vaccine in young girls can prevent a host of issues later in life. Medical diagnosis and treatment at the first sign of discomfort or infection is important too.

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