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Breast Cancer - How Do Survivors Cope?

Breast Cancer - How Do Survivors Cope?

In most cases, women who survive breast cancer have as much to fight after as during the treatment of the cancer. Very often, the relief of having conquered the beast is enough joy and strength to ensure that you are able to fight and conquer all other difficulties that will continue to present themselves. Each person normally finds her own coping mechanism and tricks. At our Boston abortion clinic for women, you can get screened for breast cancer. 

A Few Tips To Cope Better And Re-Claim Your Life

It will be quite an uphill task to reclaim your life after you survive cancer. Relationships, work, money, health - all aspects will actually gain new perspectives post cancer. Some women find it quite difficult to bring life to normalcy, while others find means to do so quicker and easier. 

Here are some excellent tips offered by cancer survivors that could be of great help to you:

  1. On losing both breasts - most women are horrified at going through life without breasts. It is really not such a big deal after all. Plastic surgeons do wonders today and reconstructive plastic surgery is exceptional good. If you are worried, take a look at the Internet where plastic surgeons post picture of “before” and “after”. “Seeing is believing”, the saying goes – and it is true. Once you see that it is possible to look normal, you will start feeling normal too. 
  2. Get in contact with a support group, pronto - when alone the battle to bring your life to normalcy seems gargantuan. Also there are so many small things – seemingly insignificant, for which your doctor did not offer any advice or even give you a heads-up – that will scare the daylights out of you. Joining a support group breast cancer survivors group is extremely encouraging because you will find that you are not alone. Also, you will learn 1001 tricks on how to cope. 
  3. Losing hair is a big deal - maybe even more than losing your breasts, you will be affected by the loss of your hair. Survivors found that investing in a super quality wig really paid off. You can have any hairstyle you want and look gorgeous at the same time. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here.  For some a scarf, a hat, or a turban - hair would feel better. Some women are happy with their no-hair status and make a fashion statement by just being themselves. Give yourself time and celebrate the fact that you have beat such a huge monster – the cancer. After a while you will find what solution is best for you.

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