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Gynecology Done Your Way

Gynecology Done Your Way

Most women want a gynecologist they can trust, one that is professional and someone who keeps things confidential. Your Boston abortion Service Center understands that women require specialized care so we have knowledgeable doctors trained in many areas;

We specialize in women’s health and will provide a comprehensive exam to ensure you are at your optimal health and wellness. During a pap exam the doctor will check for pre-cancers. Catching pre-cancers early allows the doctor to remove abnormalities and will prevent cancer

Our family planning doctors work with you to ensure your family starts when you want it to. We have condoms for women, female condoms, diaphragms, virginal sponges, hormonal birth control pills and non-hormonal birth control pills. 

When sexual problems surface there can be many reasons for it; physical, psychological, stress, anxiety or depression. Our doctors are trained to diagnose and treat sexual problems of any nature. 

After determining the gestation period of your pregnancy our doctors can help determine which abortion method would work best for your situation. At our Boston Service Clinic we have RU-486, Methotrexate, surgical or medical abortion options. 

No two women are alike when it comes to menopause. From hot flashes to insomnia and mood swings to vaginal dryness, our doctors can diagnose and treat your menopause issues. 

Your gynecologist at the Boston Service Clinic has the professional staff you need to stay healthy and well.
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