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Pap Smear test in Boston area, MA

Pap Smear test in Boston area, MA

It is up to you to take care of your body, and the caring and committed team of gynecologist health care providers at our abortion clinic in Brookline is here to help.

A lot of serious health concerns can be alleviated with early detection and proper treatment. All women should obtain a regularly scheduled gynecologist exam that includes a pap smear in order to ascertain the presence of pre-cancerous cells or cervical cancer. An annual pap smear can be a key factor in early detection, diagnosis and treatment of life threatening cancer. Every woman who is sexually active should make it a point to obtain a pap smear every year. A mammogram is another important gynecologist test that can help detect cancer in a woman and is often a life-saving examination.

If you are experiencing any type of menstrual problems, it is important that you obtain the right diagnosis and treatment for your specific situation.

Menstrual bleeding can sometimes be a sign of an underlying illness if it presents abnormally with irregular periods or prolonged menstrual bleeding. Sometimes your menopause symptoms will first present themselves with irregular menses, and all of this type of symptoms can be alleviated with proper medical care.

Of course, sometimes these same symptoms can be a sign of something other than an illness, and you may want to also ask for pregnancy testing.

Occasionally these symptoms are mitigated through the use of birth controls, which can perform more than their original designation and offer other health benefits. Let your gynecologist help you make the best choices for your personal health!
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