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STD Treatments

STD Treatments

To ensure your gynecological health, it is necessary that you receive testing for sexually transmitted diseases if you think you may be at risk. STD treatments in Abortion Service in Boston Although an uncomfortable topic to discuss with healthcare providers, not facing the possibilities of having STDs is extremely harmful. 
Avoiding medical intervention can cause the diseases to get worse and affect the body further. When diagnosed and treated, sexually transmitted diseases can be cured or controlled. Early diagnosis is crucial for your health and the health of your sexual partner. Therefore, STD screening is an important part of maintaining your overall medical health.

A thorough diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases is performed at Gynecology and Abortion Service.

We provide an STD test here at our facility. We offer an HPV testgonorrhea testChlamydia testherpes testsyphilis test, and genital herpes test. If your tests show that you have contracted any of these diseases, we can begin treatment for your particular STD. Treatment for HPV, treatment for gonorrhea, and treatment for Chlamydia is available. In addition, we have treatment for herpes, treatment for genital herpes, and treatment for syphilis.

Our doctors are caring, understanding, and knowledgeable.

You can feel free to ask them any questions you may have regarding sexual activity and sexually transmitted diseases. They can offer you a vast amount of information about how to lower your risk of contracting STDs and keep yourself and your partners healthy. You will feel confident that you took the step to get tested and can be in better control of your gynecological health.

All of your counseling and treatment is completely confidential.

There is absolutely no need to worry that decisions you make will be divulged to anyone without your authorization. Your personal choices will remain private and protected at our facility. The service is conveniently located in Brookline MA, between Cambridge, Newton, Watertown, Boston, Roxbury and Chestnut Hill.

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