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The 5 Secrets You Shouldn`t Keep from Your Gyn

The 5 Secrets You Shouldn`t Keep from Your Gyn

Everything you tell your Ob-Gyn is confidential. At Abortion Service in Boston, all the information you receive is accurate and reliable. The best way to get the best care with gynecology in Boston, is to be honest as well. There is nothing about which to be embarrassed. There will be no judgment with your Ob-Gyn at your Boston Abortion Clinic. The key to proper care is an honest and open dialogue. These are the five secrets you should not be keeping from your Ob-Gyn.

  1. Your Sexual History
    The only wrong answer is an untrue answer. With your Ob-Gyn and the proper care with your gynecology in Boston, an accurate history leads to good care. Your doctor will know what tests to run, what advice to give, and how to properly offer you birth control options. This secret does not help you. Honesty with your Ob-Gyn about your sexual history is vital
  2. Embarrassing, but True

    This is anything out of the ordinary that’s going on. If anything hurts, tell it. Tell if something sexually isn’t working properly or has changed. Mention discharges or other discomforts. You might not want to share these details with everyone, but your Gyn needs to know. It could be important and could require immediate attention.

  3. Doubts

    If you find yourself in a planned or unplanned pregnancy, share any doubts or concerns you are having. You have lots of options and your Gyn can talk you through all of them. Knowledge is power and your physician can help empower you through proper information. If you feel unsafe or unsure in a relationship or some other health situation, your Gyn can be a part of those solutions as well. Express your secret doubts and fears.

  4. Risky Behavior

    If you are having unprotected sex or are engaging in other sexual behavior such as anal sex, your Ob-Gyn should be told. It is a matter of giving you proper health care and not about shaming or judgment. Trust your Gyn with these details.

  5. Change in Mood or Drive

    If your sex drive changes or your mood toward sex, don’t keep this to yourself. It could be medical. It could be part of another underlying issue that needs treatment.

Trust your Ob-Gyn with your secrets when it comes to your health and sexuality. It will lead to a happier and healthier life.


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