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The Symptoms, Risk, Diagnosis of an Ectopic Pregnancy

The Symptoms, Risk, Diagnosis of an Ectopic Pregnancy

When a fertilized egg attaches inside of a woman’s body and it’s not inside the uterus, this is an ectopic pregnancy. This is also called a tubal pregnancy as the fertilized egg typically attaches in the fallopian tube. Because the fallopian tubes are not designed to hold an embryo the egg will usually not develop properly. Your abortion service Clinic can address this medical condition immediately. If left untreated, damage can occur to reproductive organs that can affect future pregnancies and it will put the heath of the woman at risk. 

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

If you are experiencing any of the above symptom’s, it’s pertinent that you contact your medical health provider or seek care at a hospital. Hemorrhaging can occur and your fertility will be at risk. Providers for gynecology in Boston are easy to find and your Boston Abortion Clinic is here to serve you during an ectopic pregnancy or for any of your gynecological needs. 

Ectopic Pregnancy Risk

You may have a higher risk for an ectopic pregnancy if; 

Ectopic Pregnancy Diagnosis

There are different tools doctors use to determine if a pregnancy is ectopic. They may do a pelvic exam, blood tests or use ultrasounds. It all depends on the specific symptoms of the woman being treated. Someone bleeding heavily may be diagnosed and treated during surgery while others may need to have blood tests monitored until the mass can be seen through ultrasound.

Seek help immediately if you think you may have an ectopic pregnancy. 

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