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11 Reasons You Might Miss Your Period

11 Reasons You Might Miss Your Period

If you miss a period or your period is late don’t get excited or frightened right away as there are many causes for a missed or late period. Some people have irregular periods and they can be late by days or weeks. Other women have regular periods that are always on time. Regardless of which category you are in, things can change based on many different factors. Eleven reasons why your period might be late include; 

Pregnancy – A missed period sometimes means you are pregnant.

Breastfeeding – If you are breastfeeding the hormone prolactin will suppress ovulation. You may not have a period at all while breastfeeding. But you can still get pregnant so remember to use protection if you don’t want another pregnancy right away. Once breastfeeding is completed, your period should return within six to eight weeks. 

Lifestyle Changes – If you just started working 3rd shift or have moved to a different country your menstruation schedule might be off for a while. New schedules can throw a body off. Once your body is used to the change, things should return to normal. 

Illness – If you have been sick or fighting an infection, your body may be more focused on getting you well than giving you your period. Once you start getting well, things should return to normal but be sure to use protection if you don’t want to get pregnant. 

Weight – If you gained or lost a significant amount of weight this can throw your period off. 

Excessive Exercise – Exercising is good for you and is usually recommended. But excessive exercise or not taking in enough calories can cause a body to miss periods. 

Stress – Physical or emotional stress can cause your body to produce adrenaline and cortisol. Your brain then has to decide if it’s more important to produce stress hormones or reproductive functions. You may miss or have a late period if you have had an event that is causing you stress. 

Thyroid Issues – The thyroid is a gland that takes care of your body’s metabolism. If it isn’t functioning properly it can cause your period to become less frequent but lighter or less frequent and heavier. A blood test is used to determine if your thyroid is not functioning properly. 

Birth Control – Birth control pills, patches, shots or IUD’s can cause changes in the hormones that lighten or stop periods altogether. 

Perimenopause – Menopause generally occurs near the age of 51. Two to eight years prior, a woman may experience perimenopause. This is when the body begins making less estrogen and prepares the body for menopause. Changes in the menstrual cycle are common. 

Hormonal imbalance – A condition called Polycyctic ovarian syndrome occurs when hormones are out of balance. Missed or irregular periods are common with this condition. 

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