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Reasons For Abortion

Reasons For Abortion

Though never an easy decision, there are many reasons as to why women decide to have an abortion. For some women the pregnancy they are faced with is not one they choose. Women that become pregnant as a result of being raped, incest, or sexual assault will often choose to abort. This is usually because these women were violated and do not want to have to live with the thought and memory of such as act through the birth of a child.

Some women also seek abortions because they are not emotionally nor mentally prepared to be a mother.

Entering parenthood is scary even when planned and women who have no preparation for such a daunting task often decide that abortion is best route. This is common with women who become pregnant in high school or college and are left choosing between becoming a mother and education. Most women are aware that without a proper education it is extremely hard to find a job that can support both mom and baby. Studies have shown that less than half of teenage girls who become pregnant before 18 are able to successfully graduate from high school. Those women who become pregnant in college usually drop out and never finish earning their degree.

On the other hand there are women who are happily pregnant but are faced with the decision to have an abortion because the fetus is defective.

This usually means that when born the child will not be able to live a normal life due to severe abnormalities. At the same time women who are going through a planned pregnancy may need to abort because having the baby could be fatal. For example there are cases when diabetic women contract a condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum which causes uncontrollable vomiting which can lead to dehydration and malnourishment.

While therapy and treatment can at times reverse these effects, the best possible solution is generally abortion.


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