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The Morning-After Pill and Unsure Teens

The Morning-After Pill and Unsure Teens
Teenagers are in a phase of life that is defined by experiments and experiences. Intercourse happens to be one of the ordinary experiences, and sometimes unplanned pregnancies occur. Thankfully, there are options, such as emergency contraception, abortion, or even adequate family planning. The Gynecological & Abortion Clinic in Boston, MA, is dedicated to helping teens move forward in the most comfortable way possible. Please make an appointment to see us as soon as possible, once the need arises.

Why the Morning-After Pill Is the Prime Option

While there are exceptions to the rule, teenagers are typically not looking to have children when they engage in intercourse. Be that as it may, many different scenarios can occur, which could all lead to a potential pregnancy. The morning-after pill allows teens to put a lid on the said scare before they must contemplate more serious actions, such as abortion or preparing for the newborn.

Once taken within 72 hours, the morning-after pill works by either preventing/delaying the normal process of ovulation or preventing a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine lining. Note that though there is a three-day window, the pill is more effective when taken earlier. Therefore, we recommend that teens seek out the morning-after pill as soon as the problematic event occurs.

Typically, the morning-after pill comes in sets of two. One must be taken immediately, while the second follows within 12 hours. Some brands do not do things this way, but that is how most of the pills work.

Emergency contraception isn’t for consistent use. To avoid internal damage, try to minimize using them. Once per menstrual cycle is the maximum use rate.

Abortion and Family Planning

If the morning-after pill isn’t an option, all hope isn’t lost. First, consider how both potential parents feel about having a child. If the pregnancy isn’t wanted, then one option is to use an abortion service early in the pregnancy term. Private abortion care is readily available, and it should be taken advantage of if possible.

However, if you do wish to have the child, the journey to come is one through unfamiliar territory. Family planning helps with this significantly, and it equips potential parents with the knowledge and skillset to get started.

Is There a Gynecologist Near Me in Boston, MA?

If you are in or near Boston, the Gynecological & Abortion Clinic is at your service. We aid teens where emergency contraception, family planning, and abortion services are concerned. We implore you to call us, so we can help you in uncertain times.

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